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   The Worlds Best Inflatable SUP


The 2019 O'Shea 10'2 HD X inflatable SUP is their most popular iSUP.

This is our personal favourite Board to use as instructors. It is perfect for the aspiring sweeper, ease, versatility and performance rolled into one.


And we think the Red and Yellow makes it look pretty awesome to.

10'6 HDx 2019 lr.jpg

The 2019 O'Shea 10'6 HD X inflatable SUP is one of their most popular recreational iSUP.

This is the Board that WILL have you standing up in no time at all. Its pretty much the main Board we will use to teach you on in Barmouth and it WILL get you hooked.

We think for our waters It's the perfect Board for those of all Age and sizes, in particular for the grown ups. it looks good, it feels safe, it really is the best  all round SUP Board that we've tried.


The Mother of all SUP Boards 


We have not one but TWO of these Awesome Jumbo Boards 

Our Giant SUP Boards are available for all of our larger group bookings that we cater for at SUPBarmouth.


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